Ebenezer Flea is a leader but needs support from his friends. He's cautious but tends to be the risk-taker. His dad is a professional athlete and works in marketing, his mom writes for the local newspaper, “The Daily Sunrise”, and he has a little sister named Lily. 

Favorite toy:  teddy bear named “Brownie”
Favorite food:  green vegetables
Biggest fear:  thunder and lightening   

Tommy Tree Frog is sweet and thoughtful but can get in bits of trouble here and there. He likes to try new things and sometimes acts before he thinks! He lives with his dad who is a banker. They love to go camping together.

Favorite toy: swimming goggles
Favorite food: chocolate covered flies
Biggest fear: snakes   

Scarlett Spider is a girly girl who likes pretty things and purses. She lives with her Grandma and Grandpa. They run a bakery in town called “Sugar and Spice”. She has a baby sister named Sissy. She likes to dress Sissy up and take her for walks in her stroller with Grandma.

Favorite toy: her pink purse and matching mirror
Favorite food: carrots and dip
Biggest fear: doctors   

Sylvester Snail is very shy. He is very giving and helpful in a quieter way than the others. He is an only child. His Dad is a school principal and his Mom is a nurse. They like to go sled-riding in the winter and bike-riding when it’s warm outside.

Favorite toy: his green dump truck
Favorite food: spaghetti
Biggest fear: being in front of an audience   

Lulu Cricket is a tough girl.  She’s not afraid to get dirty and play at recess. Her Daddy restores classic cars and hot rods and her Mom is a librarian. She has 4 older brothers named Luke, Leo, Larry and Lester. They like to eat big breakfasts together on the weekends.

Favorite toy: her yellow blankie
Favorite food: peanut butter and banana sandwiches
Biggest fear: heights


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